Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a bad credit loan can seem complicated.
Check out our answers to your most common questions here.

Credit and Financial History

1. My Credit Could be Better. Can I be Approved for a Loan?

We’re working tirelessly to find the right situation for everyone. When you apply, our Credit Specialists work with dozens of financial lenders to ensure that we get you approved at the best possible rate and terms. Fill out our quick and free application now to see the options available to you.

2. What if I've been Turned Down for an Auto Loan Before?

That’s why we’re here! We started Get Financed in order to help people who were being denied the opportunity to finance a vehicle, and we partner with experts who have the resources and experience to help people with less-than-perfect credit.

3. I Have No Credit at all. Can I still get Approved?

Don’t worry – we’ll set you up with one of multiple programs dedicated to people who are new to credit altogether.

4. Can I be Approved if I've been in Bankruptcy in the Past?

Absolutely. We think that everyone deserves a fresh start. Apply now, and you’ll find out about the options and programs available to you.

5. What if I'm still in Bankruptcy?

Still not a problem. There are often excellent options available throughout our network for people who are currently in bankruptcy. While it may require a little additional time and information, we’re confident that we can help you out!

6. What other Financial situations are you able to work with?

You name it. We have access to multiple major non-prime lenders who specialize in a range of situations – bad or no credit, good credit, bankruptcy, repossessions, slow or late repayments, divorce, consumer proposals, R9s, self-employed, and many more. In a situation you don’t see listed? Don’t worry – apply now for free and check out your options.

About Get Financed

1. How can I Get in Touch with Get Financed?

The fastest way is to apply online 24/7, and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also call us toll-free at 1-888-202-8557. Visit our Contact page.

2. Where can I check out your inventory?

We have access to thousands of vehicles at any given time, and we carry one of the largest inventories of new and used vehicles in Atlantic Canada.  Our inventory is constantly changing, plus a huge part of getting you a great vehicle and repairing your credit is getting potential lenders to approve both your credit and the vehicle you are buying.  Go ahead and get Pre-Approved and we will make sure you get a great vehicle that fits your needs!

3. Are you a loan broker?

Absolutely Not!  And we aren’t a Third Party Company that will sell your application information to multiple car dealership.  We are a family-owned bricks and mortar car dealership that just happens to have one of the most diverse network of lenders and credit partners in the country!  Our job is to match your application to the right lender who can offer you the best option for your rates and payments.

4. Does it matter where I live in Canada?

Absolutely not! Although mainly assists people in Atlantic Canada, we do have partner dealers all across Canada and we would be very happy to get your financing arranged for you and then pair you up with one of these certified partners to find you the right vehicle.

About Your Application and Loan

1. I need a car soon! How long will it take?

Many of our applicants have been able to drive away with their new vehicles on the same day that they applied. When we receive your application, we get to work right away to match you with one of our trusted dealer partners, who will secure your approval and go over your options with you as quickly as possible.

2. Can you tell me what my interest rates will be?

That’s tough to do without some more information, as a variety of factors will come into play. Want to find out? Apply online for free, and one of our partners will be in touch before you know it to talk over your options.

3. I saw a monthly payment figure online – can you tell me what the total price and loan term are as well?

Don’t worry – we’ll set you up with one of multiple programs dedicated to people who are new to credit altogether.

4. I found a vehicle for sale privately. Can you help with that?

Sorry – we can’t secure loans for private purchase, but we have over 400 vehicles available and will likely find you a better vehicle or a better price than you’d get with a private seller. They will walk you through every step of your purchase – finding the perfect vehicle, trading in your current vehicle, financing, and anything else you need.

5. How much can I get pre-approved for?

It depends on several factors, and you can apply for free to find out what’s available to you. That being said, most of the people we help have a monthly budget in mind, and we work hard to accommodate your needs comfortably.

6. Are there any fees or obligations associated with applying?

Not at all! The application is fast, easy, and totally free and comes with no obligation. When you’re ready to purchase a vehicle, one of our specialists will be ready with your information to hunt down the best options available to you.

7. Is it true that applying can affect my credit?

Yes, and that’s exactly why our process is so important. Every time you apply for a loan, it will be reported and reflected in your credit. We don’t take this as lightly as some would, so when you apply for pre-approval, the specialists who handle your application will target lenders that are likely to respond favorably. This reduces the number of inquiries on your credit report and helps protect your credit. Didn’t we tell you we had you covered?

8. What terms and conditions should I know about?

Each situation is unique, and a variety of factors could produce the need for a co-signer, money down, OAC, etc. Apply now, and we’ll be in touch right away to talk about your unique set of options.

9. How much do I need for a down payment?

That will depend on the basic information provided in your application. While a down payment could lower your rates and monthly payments, many cases require no money down whatsoever.

10. Can I trade in my current vehicle?

Definitely. In most cases, a trade-in can act as a down payment and could substantially lower your monthly payments!

11. What if I still owe money on the car I'm trading in?

Not a problem – most people do! The positive or negative equity on your current vehicle will be applied to the terms of your new loan.

12. Do I need to be a Permanent Canadian Citizen to get auto financing?

Not necessarily! In many situations we can access automotive financing for people who are living / working in Canada but do not have full citizenship. Please contact one of our Credit Specialists or APPLY NOW to find out if we can help you!

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